Mentaiko Pasta

Cod Roe Spaghetti

Mentaiko Pasta is a popular Japanese-style spaghetti dish made with spicy cod roe sauce and topped with fragrant shiso leaves. The best part about this dish is how quick it is to make, you can make it in 15 minutes or less! Not to mention it's delicious; it's a household favorite!

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Mentaiko Pasta


2 servings


Wafu Pasta


15 minutes




what you'll need:

» dry spaghetti » spicy cod roe (mentaiko) » unsalted butter » olive oil » tsuyu sauce » whole milk » perilla leaves or kizami nori » lemon wedge (optional)

Cook spaghetti

Bring a large pot of water to a rolling boil and add salt. Add the pasta and cook until al dente (generally 1-2 minutes less than time stated).


Scrape cod roe

Make a horizontal cut across the membrane of the cod roe and peel it back. Use a spoon to scrape out all of the roe.


Make sauce

Place it in a large mixing bowl and add butter, milk, olive oil, tsuyu sauce and black pepper. Mix well.


Add pasta water

Add about 1-2 tbsp of pasta water to the bowl and mix well. This adds starch to the sauce which makes it slightly glossy and stick better to the surface of the pasta.


Drain pasta

Once the pasta is al dente, drain the water and add it to the bowl. Mix until evenly coated in the sauce.



Divide onto serving plates and top with shredded perilla leaves (or nori) and a squeeze of lemon juice (optional). Enjoy!


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