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Tonjiru (豚汁) Pork and Vegetable Miso Soup

  • Author: Yuto Omura
  • Total Time: 45 minutes
  • Yield: 6-8 portions


How to make classic Japanese homemade Tonjiru (豚汁) Pork and Vegetable Miso Soup. Tender pork belly cooked in a dashi broth with a variety of vegetables and then flavoured with a rich miso paste. Serves 6-8.


  • 200g Pork belly block
  • 1/2 Small daikon radish (or 1/4 large)
  • 1 Carrot
  • 1/2 Gobo (burdock root)
  • 4 Shiitake mushrooms
  • 50g Spring onion
  • 1 sheet konjac
  • 2 sheets aburaage (fried tofu)
  • 1/2 tbsp unsalted butter
  • 1500ml dashi
  • 3 + 3-4 tbsp Miso paste (I used Hikari Awase Miso Paste)
  • 1 tsp Soy sauce
  • 1 tsp Mirin
  • 1 drizzle Sesame oil
  • Chopped spring onion to garnish (optional)
  • Shichimi Togarashi (optional)



  1. Cut the pork belly into 2mm thick slices. 
    slicing pork belly
  2. Peel the daikon radish and carrot. Cut the daikon into thick slices (about 1-2cm) and then cut each slice into quarters.
    cutting daikon radish
  3. Cut the carrot into rough chunks.
    cutting carrot
  4. Remove the skin of the gobo by scraping it with the back of a knife. Cut it into diagonal slices up to 1cm thick and then place in cold water to soak.
    slicing gobo burdock root
  5. Cut off the stem of the shiitake mushrooms and cut into slices.
    slicing shiitake mushroom
  6. Slice the spring onion diagonally, approx 1cm thick. 
    slicing spring onion
  7. Take the sheet of konjac and use a spoon to make bite-size balls. 
    Scooping konnyaku with a spoon
  8. Thinly slice the aburaage.
    slicing Aburaage twice fried tofu


  1. Heat a large pot on medium and add 1/2 tbsp unsalted butter.
    melting butter in a pot
  2. Once the butter is melted, add the pork and fry until the surface is sealed.
    frying pork belly in butter
  3. Add the gobo to the pot and stir fry for 1 minute.
    adding gobo to the pot
  4. Next, add the carrot, daikon radish, mushroom, konjac and aburaage. Mix everything together.
    stirring tonjiru ingredients
  5. Pour the 1500ml of dashi into the pot and stir.
    adding dashi to the pot
  6. Introduce 3 tbsp of miso paste to the soup using a mesh spoon or ladel. (Whisking the miso with the hot dashi helps incorporate it into the soup and prevents lumps.)
    introducing miso paste to the broth
  7. Mix and simmer for 15 mins.
    stirring tonjiru
  8. Scoop off any foam that develops on the surface of the soup. (This will prevent the broth from becoming cloudy.)
    removing the foam from simmering tonjiru
  9. Add spring onion and simmer for a further 10 minutes.
    adding green onion to tonjiru
  10. Add 1 tsp soy sauce and 1 tsp of mirin, then turn off the heat.
    adding soy sauce to tonjiru
  11. Add up to 4 more tbsp of miso paste using the mesh spoon/ladle technique. Add it 1 tbsp at a time and taste test before adding more. (You might need more or less depending on the brand/type of miso.)
    introducing miso paste to tonjiru broth
  12. Drizzle with sesame oil and serve.
    drizzling tonjiru with toasted sesame oil
  13. Top each serving with chopped spring onion and a sprinkle of Japanese shichimi togarashi (optional).
    Tonjiru (pork and vegetable miso soup)
  14. Enjoy!
    Two hands holding a black bowl of tonjiru (pork and vegetable miso soup)


Other than pork and miso paste, the other ingredients can be swapped or omitted. See in post for more ideas. I recommend using at least 3 different vegetables.

To make dashi stock, you can either buy stock powder or cubes from your local asian super market OR you can try making your own, check out my recipe on how to make homemade awase dashi here.

If you can't find or make dashi, you can just use plain boiling water but won't have as much depth of flavour.

If you have leftovers you can store in the fridge and eat within 2-3 days.

When reheating, heat on the stove and turn off the heat just before it starts to boil. (Overcooking will diminish the flavour of the miso paste.)

  • Prep Time: 15 mins
  • Cook Time: 30 mins
  • Category: Soup
  • Method: Boiling
  • Cuisine: Japanese

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